Ceramic Jewellery and Buttons


The chain comes with an elastic thread running through it to make it easier for people to wear. Sparkly with the silver coloured chain and beads reflecting the light. I have attached beads and ceramic shapes to them e.g. Leaves, Daisies and Hearts.

£20.00 (P&P not included)

Butterfly Brooches

The clay has been rolled out, then hand cut to make the patterns on their wings. The coloured underglazes are meant to blend from one into the other, finished off by painting on transparent glaze.

£8.50 (P&P not included)

Cuddly Butterfly Brooch

Little cuddly butterflies: hand sewn with a brooch backing attached. The coloured beads are hand sewn on it in different patterns. They are all unique so dimensions are not always exact, the average size with the textile material is H = 6cm/2.3″, W = 6.5cm/2.5″. Finished by silver coated copper wire for their antenna, making the height in total about 8cm/3.1″

£5.00 (P&P not included)

Flower Kirby Grips

Hand cut from earthenware clay. painted with underglaze colours and finished by a transparent glaze on top.

£4.50 (P&P not included)

Animals approximately 5cm

Ceramic Animal Brooches

Hand pressed into little moulds, when dry enough hand painted followed by a bisque firing. Finished by applying transparent glaze and a final firing, they come within a little black box.

£8.50 (P&P not included)

Icecream Cones 3cm, Cupcakes 2.5cm, Baby Bottles 3cm.

Ducks 3cm, Penguins 3cm and Ladybirds 2.5cm

Cartoon Buttons

Hand pressed into the mould followed by hand painting them with underglaze colours, placed in the kiln for a bisque firing when they come out they have a transparent glaze applied and returned to the kiln for the final firing.

£4.50 (P&P not included)

Buttons round and flower shaped

Hand painted ceramic Buttons

£4.50 (P&P not included)