Castle Hill Primary School

In 2015 I was working with children from Castlehill Primary in Bearsden create a mosaic to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of their school using the pupils ideas.

They started by making the mosaic squares from scratch, cutting each of them out of stoneware clay. Afterwards they used underglaze colours followed by me taking the pieces to bisque fire followed by the pupils applying transparent glaze and re-firing. Once all the pieces were ready we started to assemble the mosaic which is now attached to the exterior wall of the school for all to see.

Tidal Fire Edinburgh May 2014

I was lucky enough to do a solo exhibition in the shop window.

Compass Gallery

Winter Show16th November 2017 – 31st January 2018. I had my 4 different children’s night lights on display.


Arts Thread Magazine 2010

Art Mag February/March 2011

I was also lucky enough to have two pictures and an article about my work on the Arts Thread website.

London New Designers Exhibition 2014

I had two of my Degree Show pieces on show for a week, a Pressure Gauge with copper piping, which is a ceramic lamp defusing light at the back, Also a Smoke Box Door as a Clock.

Rabbit in a hat

A project I did in 2nd Year of Art School using iStopMotion as well as clay of course.

Ceramic Trains

Hand built by rolling out the clay and cutting to the right dimensions, then I assembled them adding extra features, colour underglazes were applied then transparent glazes followed by painting on the gold lustre in the cab.

Hand Made Cards

I made the 3D cake out of foam and velvet materials with stuffing underneath, finishing off with beads. the slice of cake slides in and out.

The rock climbing card also uses foam and carving a texture into it for the rock face, acrylic paint applied and moss for bushes and rees, finished by a cartoon of my friend hanging from a rope.

And we also have a little dinosaur Birthday card enjoying munching on the cake.

I made this card of The Glasgow School of Art for one of my friends when she was leaving the art school. It is about 60cm x 30cm, I tried to get everything to scale and most of it is 3D as well, even with lots of the statues and furniture. To finish it off the lift has a photo of my friend so she can move up and down.

The door on the left opens to show the birthday greeting too. The size is about W = 45cm H = 25cm.