Children’s Night Light Houses

Light House

The Light House keepers little cottage is attached to the tower. Multi Coloured bricks instead of Black & White stripes. Handmade by slab building the house, then painting with underglaze colours and spraying it in transparent glaze. L = 25cm/9.8″, W = 15cm/5.9″, H = 27cm/10.6″.

£170.00 (P&P not included)

Wizard’s House

From Fairy Tales I have always pictured a Wizard’s house being ole and crooked. Hand built by slab building, I pressed a pattern onto the clay, to get the roof effect. Then using underglaze for the colour, and finished by spraying transparent glaze on top. Dimensions: L = 24cm/9.4″, W = 19cm/7.4″, H = 21cm/8.2″.

£160.00 (P&P not included)

Prairie House

In Cowboy films you always picture the little house with the rocking chair on the porch. A mixture of imprinted patterns on the slab clay, with multicoloured chimney, underglazes and transparent glazes applied with a shiny effect. L = 22cm/8.6″, W = 19cm/7.5″, H = 21cm/7″.

£160.00 (P&P not included)

Sweetie House

The little house is meant to appear like it should be in the Hansel and Gretel story. Little multi coloured bricks and shutters (underglaze) attached onto the slab built house, transparent glaze applied at the end. Dimensions L = 16cm/6.2″, W = 16cm/6.2″, H = 18cm/7″

£150.00 (P&P not included)

Each Night Light has an arched opening at the back for access