Ceramic Piggy Bank Houses Hippos and Ducks

Piggy Bank House

A smaller version of the Sweetie House Nightlight, Handmade with love! The base of the piggy Bank has a little plug to access the money you have saved.

H = 14cm/5.5″, W = 12cm/4.7″, L = 13cm/5.1″

£90.00 (P&P not included)

Hippo Piggy Bank

Original Hippo carved out of clay has a plaster mould created from it. Earthenware clay slip is poured into the mould, once dry enough it is removed and then a little hat is made by hand, so each happy hippo is unique. The hippos are painted with underglaze colours, bisque fired, glazed and re-fired.

You can choose which hippo you would like.

£35.00 (P&P not included)

Ducks Ornaments

The Ducks are made from a mould with Earthenware slip, little hats are handmade for them and attached before being underglazed and bisque fired in the kiln, they are then dipped in yellow glaze and fired

£30.00 (P&P not included)